The Ultimate $1000 Small Wood Shop

Get the Ultimate $1000 Small Wood Shop by clicking on the blue link: A complete guide to building a complete wood shop for under $1,000... including a shopping list of the best tools and exact links to buy those tools for the lowest price along with floor-plans for creating optimized layouts in spaces as small as 8’x8′!

Warning: Even Amazon, Lowe’s and Home Depot won’t give you the best price on quality tools like you think they do! 

But my secret tool source can save you at least 70% off their prices. 
(HINT: It’s not Harbor Freight)

Dear fellow woodworker,

I’ve created this page for people who have these questions which among the biggest roadblocks running through their minds:

  • How much money do I really need to setup a woodworking workshop?
  • Is my space too small for a functional workshop?
  • What is the bare minimum tools I need to create basic wood projects?
  • How do I avoid bad quality tools that will just crap out on me in the first year?
  • How good is good enough? Do I need to go ultra-high end to ensure a long-lasting tool?
  • Is buying used tools a bad idea?
  • What are the critical factors to setup a proper workshop?
small woodworking shop
professional workshop woodshop



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